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The Responsible One Taboo Boss


Holly, portrayed by Laney Grey, is surprised when Andrea returns home from her job. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Andrea has lost a job. In fact, it marks the third time this year alone.

With the rent deadline looming, Holly grows frustrated and disappointed that Andrea isn’t making efforts to either reclaim her job or seek a new one. It seems Andrea either lacks the will or ability to contribute her fair share, leaving Holly feeling cornered. Following a heated confrontation, Holly storms out in anger, declaring that she will clean up Andrea’s mess.

Shortly after, Holly approaches Mr. Lewis, the restaurant owner who fired Andrea, played by Seth Gamble. While sympathetic, Mr. Lewis explains that he has already given Andrea multiple chances and considers her a liability. However, he remarks on Holly’s level-headedness and attractiveness.

In a bold and desperate move, Holly offers to take over Andrea’s position. Although lacking experience as a waitress, she assures Mr. Lewis that she is a diligent worker and will not disappoint. Seeing that Mr. Lewis remains uncertain, Holly contemplates using her looks to sway his decision, realizing that he had already acknowledged her attractiveness.

Date: June 23, 2023
Actors: Laney Grey
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